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Sandra Ghost has over forty years experience in writing books, screenplays, articles, ghostwriting and copy editing and has been published since 1970.

 In the autobiography, Is It Really Just A Small World? – There Are No Coincidences!, author, Sandra Ghost takes you on a journey through her life’s amazing story.


From her dramatic early years that fill the pages with a soap opera like plot, Sandra chronicles the story of a teen who tries to swim upstream in a troubled home life and uses marriage as an escape from the parental river of alcohol.  When physical abuse ends the first union, a second marriage promises all her dreams will come true, until she finds herself desperately trying to win her new husband’s approval to no avail.


In a fluke of circumstances, Sandy is thrust into singing onstage. This occurrence blossoms into a surprising career as a nightclub entertainer with bookings all over the US and Canada, appearances on television, plus a recording contract. And this is when the miracles begin to happen...


Through this story filled with glitz, glamour, tragedy, comedy, love, loss, and redemption, you will find excitement about your life as you reflect on your own journey. You will never look at a "coincidence" the same way again!

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Reviews for Sandra’s autobiography - Is It Really Just A Small World? – There Are No Coincidences!


I have co-authored several published books with Sandra Ghost, and therefore feel qualified to say that this is her very best work.  It's a page-turner, told with tears and humor, that will leave you expectant for like experiences and miracles around every corner.  - Chuck Mottley                                                                                                                                        



This is a book that I think everyone should read. First, it is a very interesting story about how a family met and overcame some immense personal challenges. (Appreciate that Sandra Ghost and her family were willing to share such intimate experiences.) Second, because it is so comforting and inspiring. I'll never hear the song "It's a Small World" again (which I used to find very irritating :-) without feeling a great sense of comfort. You'll understand why and I think you will have the same feeling.                                                         -  Barry Cardoza

I clutched it to my chest and hugged it, not wanting it to end when I got to the last page. An amazing story full of glitz, glamour, tragedy, comedy, love, loss, and redemption. It took me on the ride of a lifetime, so beautifully written it was as if each page unfolded a new journey leaping off the page and coming to life in the words of a master storyteller. I felt as if I not only shared her incredible story but that when I closed the book I walked away with a new perspective on my own life. I will never look at a "coincidence" the same way again!                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Amy Tewalt

This book really got to me! I could not put it down until I'd read every page. Sandra Ghost's writing style and use of words painted pictures that allowed me to be there with her. I thought I knew a lot about dealing with life (I'm part of the over 60 crowd), but many of Sandy's experiences are absolutely pertinent for me. I have to admit that I laughed and cried with her. I highly recommend this book for everyone because Sandy now has me examining "coincidences" in my life and asking, "What if?" I'm certain every reader will wonder too. -Eve P

Other Published Works

·         GUIDEPOSTS Magazine Writer's Award 1971

·         Subsequent article assignment by GUIDEPOSTS syndicated into newspaper series by King Syndicates


·          THE ULTIMATE CURE, a TV miniseries, collaboration with Donald Hanback, 1980;

·          THE MUSTARD SEED, collaboration with Charles C. Mottley, and   Dr. Charles M. Mottley, published by Popular Library 1978;

*    EVOLUTION OF THE BRAIN by Dr. Charles M. Mottley, (a scientific paper) edited, plus various peer reviews;

·          Contract with Chosen Books Publishing to write a personal autobiography canceled after death of editor, Catherine Marshall;

·          WHY 2K? by Sandra B. Ghost, published by Infinity Publishing 1999;

·          THE TURNAROUND--FROM 0-10 TO 10-0, collaboration with Chuck Mottley, published by Jubilee Publishing, 1999

WHAT’S A BIRTHDAY, MAMA?  by Pegi Handley, published by Infinity Publishing, 1999, edited.        

·          GHOSTWRITER, by Korey Robison, published by Infinity Publishing 2000, edited;

·          WINGS OF TERROR—THE BIRD FLU PANDEMIC, collaboration with  Charles C. Mottley published by Infinity Publishing 2006.